5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall

Does The Weather Affect Your Mood, Immune System or Both? We’ve been having some pretty drastic weather changes here in Minneapolis since last week. One night you could sweat uncomfortably without … [Read more...]

Announcing Wellness Course That Transforms Your Health & Life

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Free EBook: How to Get Super Healthy At Home

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Edina Acupuncture Clinic Reopening!

Complete Oriental Medical Care acupuncture clinic of Edina is excited to announce they will re-open and resume patient care starting May 26. In accordance with State, CDC and Minnesota Board of … [Read more...]

Video Tour of Edina Acupuncture Clinic

Take A Tour Inside Our Edina Acupuncture Clinic https://youtu.be/GujjfMwYG5k The Art of Experienced Practice Maybe you are looking for this? • effective pain relief • better sleep and … [Read more...]